Transfer of innovative methodologies in order to qualify smes in eco-efficiency and fight against the climate change

After completing the specialized training of 20 unemployed (diploma or degree holders), the ECO-EFFICIENCY program develops through workshops, in which 20 workers are trained in a pool of 20 SMEs in order to implement eco-efficiency measures as joint learning practice.

The following knowledge is applied for the program:

  • I. The PREPARE methodology, developed in Austria, which is designed to produce a tool kit intended to guide the environmental assessment processes in companies in order to identify potential sources of generation of environmental impacts, to correct them and to facilitate a gradual approach towards EMAS.
  • II. The OPTIMA project, promoted from La Rioja, which seeks to demonstrate the potential economic optimization derived from environmental improvement applied to SMEs and to create a guide of good practices and best available environmental techniques applicable to companies.

Moreover, an international observatory will be created that will integrate 200 international expert institutions interested in the exchange of experiences for the update of measures and technologies to continue the project after completion of the transfer project.

Access to the training course on the aplication of eco-efficiency mesures in the SMEs


Cámara de Comercio e Industria de Zaragoza
Fundación San Valero
Agroinstitut Nitra
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